Winding Down with Marini Ferlazzo

Winding Down with Marini Ferlazzo product photo
Posted By: Maxwell & Williams on 19 Feb 2018

From the arid plains of the Sahara to the lush tropics of Asia, Maxwell & Williams is working with an inspiring local artist to bring the world’s most loved animals and exotic flora into your home.

Nathan Ferlazzo, the illustrator and conservationist behind the brand Marini Ferlazzo, effortlessly brings a contemporary take to Maxwell & Williams’ tradition of botanical and animal themes. African elephants stomp, giant pandas laze and our very own koalas peer out alongside their native greenery from fine bone china cups and mugs.

“Each illustration takes more than 30 hours to create using a traditional nib pen and ink so it was important that each animal was beautifully portrayed,” said Nathan.

In particular, the Asiatic black bear is a standout piece with a remarkable story. Inspired by the real life story of Ursula, a bear rescued from captivity by World Animal Protection, her pose holds a poignant meaning.

“There’s a real sense of earnestness and optimism in the way she looks upwards with just a hint of smile. Her story inspired me to portray her as an embodiment of hope for animals all over the world and that message really comes through in the art”.

In a Maxwell & Williams exclusive, Nathan has sketched a matching plant to complement each animal. The eight selected animals come from different ecosystems throughout the world and include their native flora.

There are familiar pairings with giant pandas and koalas alongside their favourite snack and more uncommon duos like the Carnaby black cocktatoo with large-flowered Grevillea.

“The collection captures the imagination in a different way. We’ve kept the focus solely on the plants and animals with a simple and monochromatic colour scheme. It invites you to slow down and notice the details that have gone into every illustration”.

“Taking time to wind down is something our family can learn from as well. When we first started, we would come together for a daily afternoon tea. As we’ve gotten busier we’ve stopped that tradition, but this collection might be the perfect excuse to start again!”

The Marini Ferlazzo brand donates a portion of proceeds from each design in this collection to wildlife conservation efforts around the world.