Styling 3 ways with White Basics

Styling 3 ways with White Basics

Posted By: Maxwell & Williams




Inject a sense of fun into your next get-together with these simple tips:

  • A pastel tablecloth is an inexpensive way to set the mood and tie back to key pieces within the same colour palette.

  • Get creative with napery – a simple knot or twist adds playfulness and personality.

  • The texture of White Basics Diamonds looks great mixed with our Tint collection.


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For those moments that deserve a little more finesse and elegant flare, create a modern monochrome setting with White Basics layered with Caviar Granite.

  • Less is more – keep the colour palette simple to allow other accent pieces, including the meal, a canvas to shine upon.

  • Little touches like ribbon around cutlery or napery under first course plates show attention to detail and are a simple way to bring a sophisticated feel to your table.


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A touch of Scandi style with a splash of colour creates the perfect weekend setting, use Suomi and White Basics to create the look:

  • Add a natural element with wooden boards and linen napkins to create a relaxed vibe.

  • Alternating between patterned and classic white pieces helps to create impact.

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