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Plan an Effortless Get-Together with the Boho Range

Plan an Effortless Get-Together with the Boho Range

Posted By: Maxwell & Williams

Entertaining shouldn’t be complicated. With the right preparation and clever food choices, there’s no need to feel pressured as the doorbell starts ringing. Host the ultimate fun, relaxing dinner party for friends and family with Maxwell & Williams and the new Boho range.

1. Prep and cook your meals wisely.
By avoiding overly complicated dishes you can remove most of the stress of a dinner party by having everything set to go before your guests even arrive! Try a slow cooked braised rib, or a Moroccan chicken casserole for an easy but delicious main dish.

2. Have your serving pieces ready
Take all of your plates and platters out ahead of time and stack them on the table, along with your cutlery, glassware and napery. Be sure to set aside the larger platters for your main meal and have them ready to go in the kitchen for seamless serving.

3. Serve shared plates
Sharing food is an effortless way to relax and socialise with the people you love. By creating shared dishes, you can reduce prep and serving time, and take the guess work out of guest’s likes and dislikes by letting choose what and how much they’d like! Make a show stopping statement by serving your main dish on our Maxwell & Williams Boho round platter, and keep the eclectic theme by serving any accompaniments in the smaller Boho plates, bowls and platters.

4. Keep the drinks flowing
Ensure that you always have a steady flow of drinks available for your guests throughout the night. Maxwell & Williams Boho pitchers can be dotted amongst your table spread filled with anything from water to a summery Sangria, or even some beautiful fresh flowers.

5. No-cook appetizers
Serve a platter of cheeses and fruits to start the evening while you put the finishing touches on your meal. Take your cheese out of the fridge ten minutes before serving to bring it to room temperature, add seasonal fruits, dips and crunchy nuts and crackers for the perfect pre-dinner snack.