Meet the Artist - Mulga

Meet the Artist -  Mulga

Posted By: Maxwell & Williams

Joel Moore, known as ‘Mulga’, has transformed his life from a career in finance to a world full of bold and bright colour, bearded bards and zany anthropomorphised animals. We’re thrilled to introduce him as one of the latest additions to the talented group of Australian artists we collaborate with. His inaugural collection features twelve designs on a range of mugs and coasters.   

Read all about his journey below. 

How did you get into art?

I started to get into art throughout my early years at high school. I found that I was always doodling in class, a trait I picked up from my Dad who always doodled whilst on the phone. I specifically loved art class, and even though I was always a shy student, people were interested in me when I stepped into an art class. After studying finance at university, I never imagined that being an artist would ever become my reality.

When did your passion become a full-time job?

My passion became a full-time job in 2014 as I officially quit working in financial planning, a job that had left me feeling very unsatisfied and frustrated for 10 years. I was constantly carrying a sketch book around, and in my spare time I would always be sketching, which ultimately lead me to create a blog. After this, I started taking my art a lot more seriously and eventually launched my career in 2012 with a solo art show. I set myself a goal to make $10,000 that year from my art which I succeeded in doing by creating my first mural. Two years after this I was able to quit my job and peruse my passion full-time!

How would you describe your artistic style?

I would describe my artistic style as colourful, bold and reflective of my love for summer and animals. In my early days, my art would contain lots of black lines and nowhere near as much detail, but now I am inspired by fun and eye-catching designs. 

How did you develop this unique style?

I developed my unique style by producing art that I find appealing and being influenced by other artists and other styles. I always create a product that I think looks good and luckily others seem to like it too. 

Describe the process of collaborating with Maxwell & Williams. What did this involve?

Maxwell & Williams reached out to me a few days after they saw my collaboration with Pete Cromer. They were interested in my artwork and wanted to know if I’d be interested in working with them to create some homewares products. The collection is a mix of some of my existing pieces and a few bespoke designs I did just for this project, including a t-rex design on a bicycle. 

What has been the best part of collaborating with Maxwell & Williams?

The best part of collaborating with Maxwell & Williams is seeing people use the products! As an artist, I love putting art on things people can use in their day to day lives, as opposed to something on a wall.

What is your favourite piece from the collaboration? Why?

My favourite piece from the collaboration would have to be the mugs, mainly because they look so appealing with all the bright colours, and they’re big, perfect for a massive cup of morning coffee!

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