Marini Ferlazzo x Australian Geographic

Marini Ferlazzo x Australian Geographic

Posted By: Maxwell & Williams

In partnership with Australian Geographic and Marini Ferlazzo we are proud to have produced a special-edition fine china mug designed in Nathan’s unmistakable style. The design celebrates the first cover star of Australian Geographic magazine, the platypus. Nathan’s illustration features an injection of colour, a new element for the Marini Ferlazzo range.

Read about the history of the project in this article originally published by Australian Geographic in its May/June 2019 issue:

"The traditional natural history illustration – that fusion of close observation, anatomical understanding and artistic flair combined with a leap of the imagination – exquisitely captures the beauty and truth of our unique flora and fauna. Australian Geographic has employed this form of creative expression to help communicate the wonders of nature ever since we placed ‘Banjo’ the platypus on the cover of our launch issue in January 1987.

"The late Rod Scott who created the original Banjo went on to illustrate many subsequent covers along with other talented artists such as Kevin Stead, Tony Oliver and Ego Guiotto. Their beautiful illustrated wildlife covers of native Australian species became the hallmark of Australian Geographic's first 20 or so years.


"For our 150th edition, we decided to revisit Banjo through the sharp eye of one of a new breed of illustrators, whose art captures the collective imagination in a similar way that the photorealistic work of those artists did back in the late 20th century.


"Melbourne artist Nathan Ferlazzo’s signature pen-and-ink style is instantly recognisable to his legions of fans on social media. As a passionate and committed conservationist, Nathan uses his considerable talent in the service of the creatures that are the focus of his intricate drawings. He collaborates with a range of global conservation organisations, including Birdlife Australia and World Animal Protection, and he shares with them the proceeds from the sales of limited-edition prints and other products."

Article reproduced by permission of Australian Geographic. To find out more about its 150th anniversary edition visit 'Banjo's cup runneth over'

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