Behind the Design - Marini Ferlazzo Australian Families

Behind the Design - Marini Ferlazzo Australian Families

Posted By: Maxwell & Williams

Our latest collaborative collection with Marini Ferlazzo celebrates the beautiful connections of families in nature. Just like Maxwell & Williams, Marini Ferlazzo is a family owned Australian business.

Illustrator, Nathan Ferlazzo works alongside his mum and sister, with animal conservation efforts as the driving force behind the intricate designs they produce. We chatted to Nathan recently for his take on how his own family life inspired the new collection.

“My parents have always loved animals, so I think I was always interested in them because of that. Our love for animals and nature is what inspired our business and is definitely shown in the Marini Ferlazzo collections. Plus, we were an outdoorsy family, always being outside in nature makes you more connected and interested in nature and animals.”

“I observe the animals as much as possible, taking as many photographs as I can. Then I collate a scene from the photos I’ve taken, creating personalities for each animal as I sketch, which are definitely inspired by my family."

“I have an older brother and a younger sister, so our sibling dynamics definitely made its way into my drawings for this collection. It was fun to think of scenes with my older brother leading the way, or my sister running along with her brothers, and of course mum and dad taking care of us all.”


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