How to mix & match blues & whites

How to mix & match blues & whites

Posted By: Maxwell & Williams


Show off your favourite dinnerware pieces and refresh your everyday style with these five simple tips from Maxwell & Williams.

Geometric motifs, delicate florals and rustic bold colours from the new WayfarerToile de Fleur and Elementalcome together to create a beautifully mismatched table, perfect for all occasions.

Five tips to mix & match blue & white on the table

1. Pick a colour scheme

Take a peek into your kitchen cupboards and play around with the colours you have. Don’t worry if you find that you have tonal variance, this can work in your favour as it brings added depth and character. Why not top up your colour palette with some new favourites?

2. Choose a good base

As you layer your plates, ensure that the plate at the bottom of the stack contrasts with the table to make it pop. You can also use the bottom plate to act as a frame for the plate on top.

3. Split them up

When working with multiple patterns, separate them with block colours like Maxwell & Williams’ White Basics or a simple blue from the Wayfarer collection to provide visual relief. It’s also an easy way to bring your table together and create a perfectly mismatched look.

4. Add some interest

Bring your table setting to life with interesting cutlery, flowers and napery in complementary colours. When in doubt, go back to basics and stick with neutrals.

5. Don’t be afraid to get creative

Mix patterns and table composition! The same way geometrics and florals make an unlikely yet striking pair, so can other playful twists on traditional table settings. If it looks better, why not place all your cutlery on the same side? The most important thing is to create a setting that you love and that’s right for you.