How-to create floral arrangements that don’t break the bank

How-to create floral arrangements that don’t break the bank

Posted By: Maxwell & Williams


Do you ever notice while flipping the pages of an interiors magazine or scrolling through Instagram, just how much a statement bunch of flowers can elevate a room, side table or table setting? We’ve worked with a pro to formulate a few simple tips on creating a photo-worthy arrangement that you can easily put together yourself.

A pitcher can be the perfect place to start, as it’s a versatile object by nature, that can be reused again and again in your home and kitchen - not only for flowers, but for cooking-herbs, water, batch cocktails or iced tea! We love the idea of gifting a floral arrangement in a beautiful pitcher so that the recipient has something special to keep long after the occasion has passed.

Read on to see how stylist Vicki Valsamis builds two different arrangements with our new Samba and Panama pitchers.



Tip 1: Simplicity

We don’t have to spend a fortune or overthink things, something as ordinary as supermarket flowers can be thoughtfully arranged to look beautiful. If you’re lucky enough to have a few extra blooms growing in your garden, you can add those in too. Simply paying attention to how you trim the stem heights for your chosen pitcher shape can take a standard bunch of flowers to the next level. 

I work in a circular motion trimming the ends of the stems one at a time until everything feels comfortable and snug.  Trimming down the stems closer to the edge can help create a considered looking arrangement and mask out some of the stems to keep your focus on the blooms.



Tip 2: Colour 

Choose some flowers that speak to you or represent your special person’s favourite colours. Mix similar tones to keep your arrangement feeling considered and contemporary. I’m opting to group a softer palette of pinks and purples against the dark grey of our Panama Pitcher. 

For the Samba, I’m looking to the glossy deep green foliage of the Magnolia tree with the lovely, earthy brown underside to pick up the textured base of the two-tone pitcher. I’ve included some store-bought Burgundy lilies to add a little colour that also gives a nod to the floral motif of Samba’s design. 



Tip 3: Composition

For our Panama pitcher I’m choosing to create a tighter bunch with use of soft but fuller florals which create a more voluminous looking arrangement. This will highlight the relief pattern of the design and draw our attention to the texture and tactility of this range.

In Samba I’m using the longer lengths of the Magnolia to create some height and drama, alternating the lily stem heights to pepper the arrangement with pops of colour. These really draw out the gorgeous colour palette of the range and tie everything together.




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