Explore the flavours of our Contessa blends

Explore the flavours of our Contessa blends

Posted By: Maxwell & Williams

The King's Guard

Earl Grey, a gentleman’s tea & one of the western world's most popular black teas. Distinctly aromatic and flavoured with oil extracted from bergamot orange. The King’s Guard blend has gorgeous, vibrant blue flecks of cornflowers and lemon and orange peel, making this tea an impressive blend even to the most sophisticated tea consumer.

The Queen's Party

A celebration of colour and sweetness like a high tea fit for a queen. This orange pekoe tea is carefully blended with flavours of natural apple, grape, strawberry and raspberry while being delicately enhanced with mallow flower, marigold and rose petals.

The Princess & The Tea:

Inspired by bowls of fresh strawberries and cream served to princesses at their high tea parties. The Princess & The Tea is an orange pekoe-based blend of pink rose petals, natural vanilla and strawberry, evoking the delightful flavours of fresh strawberries and cream.

Follow the brewing advice from The Tea Collective on how to get the most out of your Teas & C’s specialty blends. Each tea is wonderfully flavourful with or without milk.