A Coastal Table With Geneva Vanderzeil

A Coastal Table With Geneva Vanderzeil

Posted By: Maxwell & Williams

There is no better time to start planning your festive style at home. To start the process, we asked all-round creative and diy expert – Geneva Vanderzeil how she would go about using our Dune servingware in her space – the result is a subtly festive tablescape, featuring more than a few special touches to inspire your table this year.

Words and imagery provided by Geneva Vanderzeil.


I love creating tablescapes for the festive season, and this year decided to take inspiration from Maxwell & Williams gorgeous Dune collection for my tablescape. The pattern on the collection is reminiscent of the lines and shapes that wind and water leave in sand, so that’s what I used as inspiration for the whole setting.

Pick your Palette.

It can be tricky settling on colours for your table, and it’s always worth thinking about how the setting will look as a whole. Because my personal style is most often about earthy tones, I chose white and striped linen as the base tablecloth, and then added in a terracotta colour as a highlight colour and to add some festive atmosphere. You can add in any highlight colour you like for your own table - a dark green would be lovely as would a blue.

Create a canopy.

This step is optional, but I really wanted to create a canopy for this table, to add some wow factor and also give the impression of water and sand inspired by the Dune collection. To make this I simply took two large terracotta pots, and turned them upside down. I then added some dowel into the holes and pushed it in securely. I strung up some rope between them and then added some white linen.

Lay out your place settings.

I’m a big fan of mixing old and new, and adding some fresh items to the tablescape every year. This year I decided to use some broken travertine paver as the base of this table setting. I love how it brings texture to the table and makes you think of a rocky shoreline. For this tablescape I used a Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Mansion High Rim dinner set, and then added in the Dune servingware pieces to complement the centre of the table.

Add Life.

To finish up I added some greenery to the table. My neighbours had some olive in their yard and they let me have a few branches. I added it to the canopy and into the Dune pitcher on the centre of the table.

Finish with Sparkle.

I loved the idea of the shine of the coast coming to mind with this table, so adding some sparkle into the scene was key. I added some gorgeous Maxwell & Williams cutlery, glassware and then topped it off with candles.

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