5 Minutes with Sara Oteri

5 Minutes with Sara Oteri

Posted By: Maxwell & Williams

We’ve partnered with Aussie sweetheart and celebrity chef Sara Oteri to share her delicious recipes, expert styling and entertaining advice. 

We sat down with Sara to ask her our burning entertaining, styling and cooking questions.

What’s your favourite pieces in the Maxwell & Williams White Basics collection?

Definitely the platters, serving dishes are everything for me. I really enjoying changing it up and pairing White Basics with other collections to change the mood and feel. White is a great go-to and very versatile, as it can be used for any occasion.

Tell us the one kitchen utensil you can’t live without?

Obviously, you would think a knife, but I cannot live without the White Basics spoon rest. You learn to never leave your spoon in a saucepan while cooking, you need to take it out. My benchtop would be stained with turmeric and all kinds of spices if I didn’t have the spoon rest.

Your secret to foolproof entertaining?

Picking a theme and running with it, whether Turkish, Italian or a different cuisine. Choosing a theme lets you discover different foods you probably haven’t eaten or did not know about. It means you get to explore different recipes and places to shop. It provides your guests with a totally new experience too! 

How can home cooks take their meals from homey to restaurant quality?

The general rule in a restaurant is that all the ingredients work together rather than in isolation. At home, people usually just eat all of the ingredients side by side, or some people make the mistake of trying to make all ingredients the hero of the dish. What you want to do is take one ingredient and make that the hero, all let all of the other ingredients complement and support it. 

What’s your go-to dish for entertaining?

One pot wonders! Things like curries that you can make a few hours in advance. And easy, simple sides. This way people can help themselves. I find serving for people can rob them of the experience – people love customising their meals, it’s just more fun.