5 Minutes with Becci Fowler – New mother, owner and tea mastermind at The Tea Collective

5 Minutes with Becci Fowler – New mother, owner and tea mastermind at The Tea Collective

Posted By: Maxwell & Williams

The perfect gift isn’t the most expensive item you can buy, it’s something that inspires connection and time spent together with family and friends. That’s why this year Maxwell & Williams is celebrating with a limited-edition range of teas designed to inspire a moment of togetherness. 

Each tea blend was created by owner of Australian tea brand The Tea Collective, Becci Fowler, to complement the colour palette of the new Teas & C’s Contessa range – black, white and pink.

Blends include:

  • The King’s Guard: Earl Grey, one of the western world's most popular black teas, distinctly aromatic and flavoured with oil extracted from bergamot orange. With gorgeous, vibrant blue flecks of cornflowers, this tea is sure to impress the most sophisticated tea consumer.

  • The Queen’s Party: A celebration of colour and sweetness like a high tea fit for a queen. This orange pekoe tea is carefully blended with flavours of apple & grape and delicately enhanced with mallow flower, marigold & rose petals. 

  • The Princess & The Tea: Inspired by bowls of fresh strawberries & cream served to princesses at their high tea parties, this orange pekoe tea is a playful blend of pink rose petals and flavours of strawberries and cream. 

1. Tell us a little bit about The Tea Collective, how did you get started?

My passion for tea grew out of my passion for travelling. I spent 10 years working in Europe on the super yachts there and was blown away by the passion Europeans have for quality food and drink. I also spent a bit of time travelling through India and Nepal and was really inspired by the tea fields there. 

When it was time to return to Australia and put down roots, I knew that I wanted to spend my days working with tea. We started by opening a boutique tearoom in Newcastle and since I was already blending hundreds of teas to sell in the tearoom, I decided to expand the business by producing custom blends to sell online. The business really just grew from there.

2. Why did you choose to collaborate with Maxwell & Williams?

Everyone I know owns a piece of Maxwell & Williams – it’s a staple in most people’s cupboards, so when they approached me, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. 

What I love about Maxwell & Williams is that they’re really committed to supporting Australians who are building something for themselves, whether it’s Australian artists like Pete Cromer or a small business like us. Working with a boutique brand can be tricky, but the team at Maxwell & Williams has been incredibly helpful and really worked hard to make this collaboration happen for us.

3. How did you create the custom tea blends?

We’ve created three elegant tea blends to complement the three colours of the Maxwell & Williams Teas & C’s Contessa Collection. All the tea blends are designed to be delicious either with or without milk, the perfect high-tea drink.

4. Do you ever drink coffee?

Surprisingly yes! All the time. I used to be an exclusive tea drinker but my partner (in life and business, Ben) is a real coffee aficionado so I’ve become a regular coffee drinker too. I love a cup or two of coffee to start the day, and then I switch to tea. Caffeinated in the morning and herbal in the afternoon.

5. How will you be celebrating this Mother’s Day?

It’ll be my first ever Mother’s Day – my baby Coco was born at the end of January. So, I’ll be deferring the planning to my partner Ben. But hopefully it’ll involve a sleep-in and a few cups of tea! 

The three custom tea blends created by The Tea Collective are available as a limited-edition gift with purchase at selected retailers from 1 April to 12 May. Visit www.maxwellandwilliams.com.au to find out more.