Maxwell & Williams is proud to be a principal partner of 'Me and UooUoo'

So, what is Me & UooUoo?

To celebrate the Royal Children’s Hospital 150th birthday, the RCH Foundation has joined together with 100 talented Australian artists to create an interactive art adventure.

Across Melbourne and Geelong, the one hundred UooUoo sculptures will be dotted throughout laneways, beaches, streets, parks and other public spaces to create a walking art exhibition, whilst raising vital funds for the amazing work of the RCH.

UooUoo (pronounced you-you) has been created by award-winning Melbourne artist Alexander Knox. UooUoo is an imaginary Australian creature whose shape is loosely drawn from the wombat and dugong. A mysterious being, UooUoo is highly empathetic, playful and brave, but can be mischievous at times.

We’re excited to have six of our artist collaborators included in the ‘herd’ and are proud to have joined as a principal partner of the event. Making art accessible to everyone and becoming a part of many moments and daily rituals in homes throughout Australia is a sentiment we are proud to support.

We encourage everyone to travel the trail and discover each and every UooUoo from January 20th through to March 21st, 2021!

The Royal Children’s Hospital

The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne’s Parkville is the preeminent paediatric care facility in Australia. For 150 years the RCH has been providing critical care to children from all over the country and creating a supportive and comforting place for children and their families.

  • 52,000 admitted to RCH per year (142 per day)
  • 90,000 admitted to emergency, (245 per day) 
  • 338,000 specialist clinics per year (1000/day)
  • 18,000 surgeries per year (322/week)
  • 330 beds with 90% occupancy on average
  • Over 400 volunteers
  • 5,500 staff

How can I get involved?

UooUoo Figurines

UooUoo Mug & Coaster Sets

“I designed my UooUoo to encourage viewers to explore the sculpture. There are three UooUoo illustrations hidden amongst the flora so viewers will need to explore the detail to find them. The vivid blue was used to contrast the white and black while fostering a sense of optimism and positivity.”
Nathan Ferlazzo
UooUoo: Vombatus Uoo
Location: Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne CBD
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“The colours are joyful, the UooUoo’s face is smiling, the butterfly has landed on my UooUoo’s back and is happy, and the lovehearts all over my UooUoo encourages us to share the love. My work was created to bring joy to children, so the smiles and laughter of small people when they see my work is my wish.”
Donna Sharam
UooUoo: I Love UooUoo
Location: Myer Melbourne L5, Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD
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“I love nature and animals and summer, so I put that all together with an Aussie twist to create a magical tropical scene where the koalas are having a great time frolicking in the water and climbing trees and throwing around beach balls. I’m keen to see the UooUoo’s out in nature brightening up public spaces and bringing enjoyment to local communities.”
Mulga the Artist
UooUoo: Koala Paradise
Location: Queensbridge Square, Southbank
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“The inspiration for my UooUoo design comes from the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef saltwater country “wajali” which adjoins our Mamu Rainforest country (“wabu” and “dulgu” and “warri”). The Aboriginal cultural stories of this country are so important for sharing and caring about its World Heritage value. On the surface Great Barrier Reef sea country looks like beautiful plain water, but underneath the “bunggu” (waves) a flurry of activity and sea life abounds.”
Melanie Hava
UooUoo: Great Barrier Reef Underseas
Location: Sandridge Bridge, Southbank
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“The inspiration behind my design was about growth and positivity, and colour and shapes in nature. I am looking forward to seeing all the UooUoo’s in their environments and for the community to enjoy and recognise the wonderful work of the RCH over the last 150 years.”
Pete Cromer
UooUoo: Tulip
Location: Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne CBD
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“The loveliest days of my childhood were spent exploring our local wild places. Excitedly searching for glimpses of our iconic fauna. I hope that some of this delight is passed onto children through my UooUoo, inspiring children to cherish the unique and precious wonders of our extraordinary homeland.”
Katherine Castle
UooUoo: Tree of Life
Location: Melbourne Museum, Carlton
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