As an Australian brand with a truly unique approach, we are proud to work with established and emerging Australian designers and artists to create unique pieces for you and your home.

Megan McKean

Megan McKean is a designer, writer, author and illustrator based in Sydney. The Maxwell & Williams collaboration with Megan brings her bold colour and modernist style to a series of fun plates, mugs, travel cups and placemats. Infused with her signature colours and line work, each design captures the famous sights and iconic skylines of some of your favourite cities, both here and overseas.

Melanie Hava

Citing reefs and rainforests as key sources of inspiration, Melanie frequently refers to her love of quiet, still surrounds. As a profoundly deaf Indigenous woman, she expresses her creativity by drawing on her Indigenous culture whilst continuing to explore her Austrian heritage. Art for Melanie has been a very personal journey, having been a place she finds personal growth and solace.

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Pete Cromer

Inspired by the optimistic personalities in people and wildlife, Pete and his work have a dedicated following. His contemporary art is renowned for its signature bursts of glowing colour and beautiful textures. It is impossible not to love Pete Cromer’s bold and playful collages, paintings and sculptures. His collaboration with Maxwell & Williams includes mugs, coasters, children’s sets, tea towels and drink bottles.

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Donna Sharam

Donna describes herself as a colourist, claiming she loves to incorporate colour into everything she does, especially to her rainbow hued art. She paints from the heart, instilling each special piece with something undoubtedly unique and by her own admission, a little bit crazy! Donna has developed a natural style of painting that resonates, “All of the art that I create is drawn from the inside and my love of life.”.

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Marini Ferlazzo

Melbourne artist Nathan Ferlazzo’s signature pen and ink style is instantly recognisable as his very own. As a passionate and committed conservationist, Nathan uses his talent to give back to the wildlife that is the focus of his intricate drawings. Nathan partners with a range of global conservation organisations to spread knowledge and to share profits from his business. Partners include Birdlife Australia, World Animal Protection and the Australian Geographic Society.

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Katherine Castle

Taking inspiration from real life and putting her own personal spin on things, Katherine Castle uses mixed media to produce ultra detailed wildlife artworks that demonstrate a highly resolved style which is the result of years of practice. She immerses herself in the lifestyle of a true artist, frequently packing her belongings and setting up camp in a new area to paint what she sees around her. Maxwell & Williams is proud to be in its 11th year of collaboration with Katherine Castle.

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Mulga (aka Joel Moore) is a renowned Australian street artist, freelance illustrator, muralist, published author and designer. Known for his unique Australian creations and signature style of intricate line work and bright colours, Mulga’s creations grace walls and objects across the world. His Maxwell & Williams X Mulga collection includes mugs, coasters and drink bottles, each with a design that perfectly captures his combination of street, surf and laid-back style.

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Greg Irvine

Experience maximalism at its finest with Maxwell & Williams X Greg Irvine’s mugs, plates and tea towels. Greg’s canvases reflect a life filled with travel, colour, exploring and collecting. His works contain vibrant, textural scenes that art lovers have coveted for decades. Greg is the definition of a true artist’s soul, “I have never had a regular job in my life!... I’m grateful to have been able to be having a wonderful career doing what I love”.

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