Candle Styling with our Aura Candle Holders

Create atmosphere in your home this winter using warming candle displays, the perfect focal point in your living space during the cooler months. Whatever your style, candleware will be sure to add the touch of serenity. 


Group in Threes

Create a sense of connection by grouping together an odd number of candles, or alternatively, pair two candles with a tall vase to create a dynamic centerpiece or side table display. 

Play with Levels

Use a variety of different sized candles to create dimension. Place a smaller candle in front, and larger pieces behind for depth and balance.

Style with Nature

Bring a touch of the outdoors into your home by styling a vase of flowers amongst candles, or by featuring a special find such as a piece of beautiful driftwood.

Go a step further and bring the experience to life by matching arrangements with therapeutic, natural scents.

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