Table styling tips from the experts: How to bring your style to life

No matter the theme or occasion, a well-decorated table will bring a touch of style and sophistication to any meal. To help you put the perfect touches on your tabletop, the experts at Maxwell & Williams have shared their secrets to effortless styling.

1. To create a bright, bold look with sophistication, choose just one or two accent colours to focus on for your table. Use these repetitively with different servingware, tableware and accessories, or choose one colour in varying shades and patterns to help create a cheerful space that isn’t overwhelming.

2. If you’re inclined to be a bit of a creative cook, add some yellow to your kitchen too. It’s a happy colour that can help promote creativity and vitality for an inspiring dinnertime.

3. For a subtly feminine style that’s not all pink and frills, look to soft colours and simple curves. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a touch of blue either – it’s a colour commonly thought to represent peace, serenity and kindness, and a simple blue teapot or accent plate can be an eye-catching addition to an otherwise pink palette.

4. For an edgier look, try adding some blush pink accents to a charcoal base, or if you’re hosting an afternoon tea, bring delicate gold touches on servingware to life with dustings of gold on cupcakes, macarons or chocolate desserts. Style these on cake stands of varying heights for eye-catching appeal.

5. If monochrome is more your style, try layering black and white dinnerware. Start with a black tablemat, layer with a large white plate, a black side plate, and finish with a white bowl and black napkin.

6. Feeling a more neutral colour palette? Play around with unique textured surfaces to bring your tabletop to life. Mix raw materials like wood, stone and marble with glamorous, patterned crockery, or for an earthier feel bring mineral hues like copper to life with a touch of green.

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