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Summer thirst quenchers in our Refresh Dispensers

Entertaining guests this summer? Keep everyone hydrated in style with our Refresh Dispensers and these tips.

Add a touch of nature

Keep away from flavoured syrups and artificial sweeteners. Just raid your fridge and garden for the perfect combination of fresh fruits and herbs to create your own unique flavour. Try mixing oranges, cucumber and mint for a refreshing savoury taste.

Less is more

Limit yourself to three ingredients per dispenser, too many flavours will overwhelm your taste buds. Try using fruits from the same family - strawberries, raspberries and blueberries create infused water that's both delicious and pretty.

Go from day to night

Mix it up by adding unexpected elements to your water for a unique twist. Try using less common citruses like cumquat, blood orange or yuzu to create a sophisticated flavour. Pop in a few sprigs of lavender for an even more unique taste.

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