Colour styling: 5 tips on how to accentuate your style with colour

1. Pick one or two bright colours as the focus. For instance, green is made by combining yellow and blue, so all of the colours between yellow and green can work well together.

Green plates and mug

2. Feeling feminine? Soft colours and simple curves allow us to create spaces with a dreamlike feminine quality.

White and pink serving dish

3. If your style is more relaxed, a pop of pale turquoise or deep indigo will mellow out a space and create a tranquil mood if you’re entertaining

Turquoise plate with white bowl

4. Find yourself mesmerised by mineral hues like copper, metal and wooden? Why not try adding a touch of green to give your tabletop an earthy feel.

Turkish delight on blue plate

5. If you’re inclined to be a bit of a creative cook, add some yellow to your kitchen. It’s a happy colour and can promote creativity and vitality in the home – making it the perfect choice for the kitchen! 

Yellow plates

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