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What's your style? Floral arranging designed with great care and detail, or do you prefer the simple and straightforward, maybe you enjoy bold creative statements designed to remind you of the joys of the season? With a wide range of shapes in our Diamante collection you can create your style, your way.

Nothing lifts the mood of your home like a big vase and a dramatic splash of colour, it will make you feel cheerful deep down into your soul.

This season rustic influences and bright, saturated colour, with lots of contrast is in style. How you choose to arrange your accents and statement centrepieces simply depends where the mood takes you!

Diamante Barrel Vase mixed with William Kilburn high tea

High tea is back in style, and at its heart is a reminder of simpler times when grandma was just a girl and conversation was an art. While now we’re a little more relaxed, that feminine feel is back with with vintage-inspired teacups, garden themes and gentle floral arrangements. Take a moment out of your busy life for some one on one time with a loved one over tea and treats, or plan a small gathering and lots of laughs with your favourite girlfriends.

Diamante Barrel Vase and Stem Vase with White Basics Luxurious

White Basics can be mixed and matched to create dramatic statements with other pieces from our range and blend seamlessly with your existing tableware. Basics always maintain their contemporary edge because they allow you to add seasonal touches with beautiful floral arrangements and allow your unique style to shine.

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