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How to create the perfect cheese platter with our new Mezze Trays

A well-constructed cheese platter is the perfect beginning or end to a meal. Serve your carefully curated cheese selection on our stately marble or slate Mezze trays. Brushed gold handles mean your creation will be both easy to share and beautiful to look at.

A cheese board should consist of around 2-5 different cheese types with a few clever accompaniments. For a well-balanced platter, aim for a mix of soft, semi soft, semi-firm and hard cheese.

1. Soft: choose a fresh Mozzarella, Brie or a French Triple Crème to add fresh and buttery flavours into the mix.

2. Semi-soft: the strongest flavoured and most aromatic on the plate. Try a blue cheese such as Stilton or an Italian cheese, Taleggio.

3. Semi-firm: to create a diverse mix of flavours on the board, use a semi-firm cheese with smoky tones. Try Manchego, Comté or Provolone.

4. Hard: round out the board with a hard cheese like an aged Cheddar, Parmesan or Asiago.

Complement the array of flavours and aromas of your cheese selections with the perfect pairings. Choosing the right accompaniments will enhance the flavours of the cheese board and get your taste buds singing!

  • An element of sweet on the board will add another dimension to the palate. Pair fresh sliced granny smith apples, red grapes and dried fruits such as apricots to add sweetness.
  • Crunchy water crackers and a crispy French baguette will add texture and balance.
  • Add a dollop of quince paste, pâté and a handful of assorted nuts to complete your platter.
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