Colour in the kitchen: 5 tips on how to effortlessly introduce colour to your kitchen

Changing trends throughout the year can make you want to overhaul the interior design of your home, but these five tips help show you how easy it can be to introduce pops of colour without painting your walls and replacing your kitchen cabinets.

1. Start with a neutral base for large expanses and choose a feature colour to accent the room. Don’t add additional colours if your kitchen already features a red feature wall or colourful cabinets.

2. Use accent colours repetitively around the room – in different sizes, homewares and accessories.

3. Varying shades and patterns can help ensure that the colour is not overwhelming.

4. Buy a variety of different coloured accessories (think serving bowls, mugs, pepper grinders) and change out your feature pieces as the mood strikes. Try the Colour Basics dinnerware, servingware and accessories available in six colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue and black. 

5. A mix of coloured accessories can be inviting for a neutral room – but make sure it’s done simply and the colours are complementary.

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